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Who We Are

Hello, My name is Robbie Armstrong. I started Armstrong & Family Apiaries when I was 14 years old (2012) because I wanted to achieve better pollination in my produce garden. My mentor allowed me to care for two of his hives one summer and I was fascinated by the bees. I'm now 20 years old and have been growing and diversifying my business since.

At Armstrong & Family Apiaries, we make all of our woodenware out of pine and locally sourced poplar and locust. Our bee equipment is also different than most. We have a blind rabbit at the top of all of our nucs, supers, and hive bodies which can reduce the amount of splittage, and thus increases the life of your investment. Since we make all of our woodenware, we can custom make any equipment to your specification.

Just because I'm young doesn't mean I just want to take your money and never see you again. I'm in this business for the long haul and want to see you succeed as much as I want my business to. Located on the southside of Indianapolis, Indiana, Armstrong & Family Apiaries is your local bee equipment supplier where you will find a quality product at a fair price that was built by beekeepers, for beekeepers.  



One thing that we strive to do at Armstrong & Family Apiairies is to tell it like it is. These are just a few things about our products and policys.

  • All Equipment is commercial grade or better
  • Prices are subject to change
  • Return fees will be paid by the customer, and a refund can be given of in store credit, or a check
  • Replacement of product is at discrepancy of manufacture
  • Contact us for Bulk Prices

Online Sales

We prefer to do business in person because it lessens the chance of communication error, plus we like to meet our customers and here what they have to say. Therefore...

  • Call ahead for estimated delivery time
  • If product is backordered, call for an estimated timeline for the product to be replenished 

Our Business

Since we are a home based business, it is difficult for us to store an abundance of stock. Therefore...

  • Calling and confirming your order is always best
  • Calling ahead during busy times such as spring and fall is recommended to see if there are any delays in shipping
  • Orders are generally filled and shipped within two weeks or less, but can be longer during busy times


Our Equipment

You're probably thinking right know, "Why should I buy from this dumb kid?" and to answer your question I go by stupid, not dumb. 

We only sell equipment that we would use in our own operation. When it comes to assembly the competition likes to use staples, or wimpy 6D common nails. We are different though. Our woodenware is assembled with glue, screws, and 6D ringshank nails. 

As for painting, we use different colors in our apiary to prevent drifting, so why not offer the same to our customers. All of our painting consist of two coats of oil base paint on a clean surface. Oil base paint is known for being harder, and best suited for outdoor applications like bee boxes.

One thing that makes our boxes different than many is the blind rabbit at the top of the box. The use of a blind rabbit allows for a stronger joint at the top of the box and can help prevent splittage that results from prying on frames. 

So whether you have one hive, a 100 hives, or more Armstrong & Family Apiaries can build you the product you need to start and/or expand your apiary.


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Better yet, see us in person!

Most people think that since I'm young, I know all there is to know about the online world, but that could not be any farther from the truth for this Indiana grown boy. 

Scheduling an appointment and stopping by is the best way to ensure that you are happy with your bee equipment and that there are no mistakes on our end.

At Armstrong & Family Apiaries, we love meeting our customers and hearing about their beekeeping stories, so give us a call, drop by, and say hello.

Armstrong and Family Apiaries

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